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Tango shoes couple elegance and beauty with extraordinary comfort, as they’re clearly designed to support the weight of the body for several hours
Tango Dubai has been importing Tango shoes for many years. Our collection consists of Tango shoes ranging from simple practice shoes to the most amazingly decorated shoes produced. When our clients realize how much love has gone into the shoes, they can easily understand why so many ladies and gentlemen are buying our products.
Tango Shoes are an investment, and we recommend to take sometimes comparing and trying different pairs before deciding to buy one. A convenient and fabulous pair of shoes will make your Tango dancing experience “happier”, no matter whether you’re a woman or a man.
A ‘Fabulous’ pair of Tango Shoes is a combination of ‘good quality’ materials and making added to a ‘very pretty’ design and look, which results in a ‘extra comfort’ and ‘happier’ dancing experience from the first Tango walk and turn.

Advantage of a good pair of Tango shoes:

  • Provide Tango Dancers with the necessary stability
  • Feel at ease with performing complex turning techniques
  • Give Dancers with some arch support
  • Ensure that the connection to the floor is better

If you’re unsure what you want to buy, or what you need, please ask. People are generally happy to share their experiences.

Last but not least: we don’t think it’s worth investing in ballroom shoewear. The shoes are generally not made for the rough-and-tumble life of a tango shoe.

The following photo gallery is an example of some of the shoes we sell. Please, visit us on one of our Milonga or workshop evenings , where we exhibit our collection of Tango Shoes, to see and try on the shoes for yourself.

Ladies’ Shoes

Men’s Shoes