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Level: Intermediate
The intermediate level itself may span between 2½ years to 3 years depending on the dedication and engagement of participants.
Participants will reach “Level 1 intermediate” after approximately 12 months, and their walking look and feel will be more confident and stylish, and they will better interpret the music. Their Dancing will be more dynamic and their overall awareness about posture and balance will increase, as well as their connection in the embrace.
After 2 years, participant will reach “Level 2 intermediate”. At this level the main theme will concentrate on “Polishing the walk” and “Turning” techniques. Participants will also in general concentrate more on studying figures based on turning. Familiarity with most styles of Tango music will also be addressed for this level.
Within the 3rd year, Participants will have to start working on more complex ideas (out-of-axis moves), and they need to practice more complicated turns for which they will need lots of practice with preferably a dedicated partner. Once this level of dance is attained, participants will be qualified as “Level 3 Intermediate” Tango Dancers.

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