Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Tango is a relatively complex dance, music and culture that had evolved for over than almost a century. We have compiled a list of FAQs aiming to answer many of them as detailed as possible.
The FAQs are categorized into sections based on related aspects of the Tango Dance; please follow navigate through the links below for all answers about your specific inquiries:

Suitable clothing and footwear

What is the appropriate footwear?

For ladies, a pair of soft leather shoes with either crossed straps or a T-strap is the best for maximum foot support.

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Where can I buy Tango shoes?

We have a wide selection of practice and salon shoes available at our boutique. Visit our boutique for more information and purchasing.

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Can I attend a class in socks?

It is recommended to wear a pair of leather soft shoes for health and safety reasons.

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What clothing should I wear?

You can wear anything, but feel free to also dress up on special nights Milongas. Please wear anything from casual to elegant, as you feel.

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