Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Tango is a relatively complex dance, music and culture that had evolved for over than almost a century. We have compiled a list of FAQs aiming to answer many of them as detailed as possible.
The FAQs are categorized into sections based on related aspects of the Tango Dance; please follow navigate through the links below for all answers about your specific inquiries:

Private Classes

How quickly should I expect to progress?

It is possible for everyone to learn Tango, and normally the progress depends on individual talent and previous dancing experience. Our instructor will not spare any effort for you to progress as quickly as possible; but please keep in mind; it still requires your dedication and efforts to progress fast as well.

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What if I get frustrated in the class, as I am a slow learner?

Consider taking a few private lessons. Private classes will also make your learning faster and more enjoyable.

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What is the optimal number of private classes to progress from one level to the next?

The optimal number of private classes varies between six to eight lessons, once a week.

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What if I miss sessions from my private classes?

We encourage our participants to comply with our schedule, however as you participate in a private class; this rule could be relaxed, but not miss-used.

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What level of private tuition is available?

Private tuition is available at all levels, from complete beginners to professional level.

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