Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Tango is a relatively complex dance, music and culture that had evolved for over than almost a century. We have compiled a list of FAQs aiming to answer many of them as detailed as possible.
The FAQs are categorized into sections based on related aspects of the Tango Dance; please follow navigate through the links below for all answers about your specific inquiries:

Class Participation

Do we change partners frequently in the class?

Yes, unless you have your own and request not to change. However, it is recommended that you change partners, as you will learn to respond to different dancers.

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How important is it for the follower to know leading skills?

It is important to understand the basic principles which you will learn during technique classes.

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How important is it for the leader to know how to follow?

It is extremely important. We encourage leaders to try all the moves as a follower.

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How are the classes structured?

They are divided into two parts; technique and figures.

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Should I attend the first session (technique), second session (figures) or both?

Start by taking the first lesson; and according to the level, the teaching instructor will advise your attendance to the second session.

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Do I need to book in advance for any classes?

Yes, we encourage all to book in advance for any classes, to secure their places as majority of classes are pre-booked in advance.

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Why should I choose your classes?

Tango Dubai is one of the early dancing institutes in United Arab Emirates specialized in learning Tango techniques and choreography, moreover:

  • We provide a lot of individual attention to our class participants, and engage them in various dancing exercises to help their personal development.
  • We are not commercially driven; we teach our participants the language of Tango so they can feel free to express themselves in Tango Dance.
  • Tango Dubai prides itself for applying the best teaching methods. Honesty and generosity in teaching are one of our high standards techniques to teach.
  • Our participants for the group classes are limited to short numbers to assure that we focus to the details with each individual participant.
  • Our participants will able to realize consistent development in few weeks.
  • We cover every possible topic thoroughly through an annual program to help our participant to reach an advanced level of dancing in record time.

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Is one class per week sufficient to progress quickly?

No, we encourage our participants to practice at least twice a week; In addition, body memory develops faster with the consistent practice.

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Is it recommended to take classes with different instructors?

Normally not, it is recommended to always maintain the same instructor during the whole course as they follow a well-structured Tango Dancing development program aiming to take the participants to the following levels as quickly as possible.

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Do I need a partner to attend the class; will I find a partner in the class?

No, no need to accompany or be accompanied by a partner to join our classes. There are always enough partners to practice with.

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