Tangueros, Thank You

Many thanks to all the Tangueros that attended the DTF 2013 and for the wonderful support and enthusiasm.

Dubai Tango Festivlal 2013

Dubai Tango Festivlal 2013

To those of you who made long journeys, crossed time zones and …. wow .. hit the 5th Dubai Tango Festival (DTF) dancing, congratulations.
To all of you who faithfully attended the workshops and later danced till 4am at the milongas, hats off to you for your stamina and love of tango.
Participants like you make the DTF a great experience and our work worthwhile.
We hope you enjoyed your time in Dubai as much as we enjoyed hosting you.

See you all at the 6th Dubai Tango Festival, 21st – 24th May 2014.

All Beginners are welcome to start Tango Skills after the Successful Dubai Tango Festival Last Month. Beginner & intermediate classes will start on Tuesday, 4th June.