Farewell to Pachanga-Wednesday milonga

Farewell milonga on Wednesday 28th August.

Due to changes in the hotel progam, it’s with regret,  the Wednesday milongas at Pachanga will not resume after Ramadan.

Join the Closing Milonga on Wed 28th August to say farewell and thanks to Pachanga + Hilton Jumeirah for letting tango grow through their hospitality.

Comment by Eleanor …. Pachanga was the first public trial-and-error-kindergarten milonga in Dubai, launched in 2005…. we’d little idea of tango music or DJ-ing, we were mostly beginners (approx. 10 people).  We were an enthusiastic, acrobatic (untidy), so-in-love-with-tango bunch.  We made tango happen in Dubai.

See Wednesday 28th August at Pachanga!