About Tango Dubai: The home of Tango in Dubai

Tango Dubai has been around for a decade and conducts its classes in various locations in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Ras al Khaimah and other Emirates. Tango Dubai is proud with the achievements accomplished through the previous 10 years, our Timeline presents our success and dedication to the Tango Community, Dancers and Tango Loves in UAE over the years.

Tango Dubai Mission

Tango Dubai Mission
Whether you desire to learn for fun, competition or for a special occasion such as a wedding or a cruise, you have come to the right place!

Our professional dance instructors are trained to:

  • Introduce people to the magical world of Tango Dance.
  • Provide “Beginners” to “Experienced” dancers with the highest quality lessons available, in all areas of the dance and music.
  • Immerse the public and Tango dancers in entertainment of the best level, in dance, music, performance, and all other Tango art forms.

Tango Dubai Beliefs

Tango Dubai Beliefs
At Tango Dubai, we believe in:

  • There is no age limit to learn Tango Dance; it is for all ages from 16 to 90+.
  • Complexity in learning Tango Dance is not a factor, after few lessons, Tango steps can be learnt and enjoyed by anyone.
  • Structured training methodologies in both “group classes” and “private training” sessions are adopted to take your dancing skills to the next level.
  • Training always comes with creativity, exploration and fun.

Tango Dubai Instructors

Two of our instructors share their passion in dancing and teaching Tango at our Organization:


Eleanor Brodie

Eleanor Brodie

Eleanor Brodie Lived in Dubai since 1975. She is a partner in a steel related business in Dubai and owns an airport in New York. She discovered Argentine tango in 2002 and held the first classes and Milongas …



Maya Saliba Brought up in Abu Dhabi; started ballet at 6 years old, further, she progressed to contemporary, African, belly and finally fixed on competitive Latin ballroom dancing. All this was done as a hobby whilst at school, university and later as a working girl. Maya spent several years in Switzerland …


Tango Schools launched

Since its inception, Tango Dubai encouraged the growth of the Tango community in UAE, and helped the establishment of other institutes and Tango Venues. Being a non-for-profit organization, we aim to witness the increase and participation of all Tango Lovers in the UAE, and we love seeing them fulfilling their passion for dancing Tango.

During the last decade, the below institutes and organizations had shared us the success for maximizing the Tango Presence in UAE:

Aug 2005
  • Tango Dubai – a virtual Tango Organization by Zak Hussein, Paul Bradley, Eleanor Brodie
  • Tango Dubai classes at Fairmont Fitness Center – Instructor Jeanie Poyner-Woods joined later by Paul Bradley and Eleanor Brodie
  • Tango Sentimientos – Instructor: Richard Garcia
  • Latin Soul – Instructors: Cesar & Elizabeth
  • Tango Dubai classes at DUCTAC, Emirates Mall – Instructors Eleanor, Jeanie, Maya and guest teachers from the local tango community
  • BNF (Ballet Nacional El Firulete) launched by Eider Rua
  • Tango Club Dubai – Paul Bradley and Tina Osaka
Late 2009
  • IDC (International Dance Co) launched by Mac Ismail
Early 2011
  • Latino Life Music Center owned by Farhan Farazfar, and lessons provided by Jorge & Luisa
Oct 2011
  • Latin Soul studio officially launched
  • Tango-OK – instructors Oliver Krstic & Lin Chong